A German tour operator founded in 2002, Master Tours offers a huge range of package holidays as well as providing a fully comprehensive service to its clients. This includes airline and hotel bookings, golf and sports holidays as well as personalised tours to such destinations as: Belek – Turkey, Mallorca, Spain, Portugal, Canary Islands, Morocco, Cyprus, Dubai and South Africa.
Master Tours can also arrange travel insurance for these and other holidays.

Based in Cologne since 1993, Bibak Travel operates as a travel agency offering a variety of holidays and tourism services to its clients. Working with some of the top names in the travel industry including Neckermann, ITS, Jahn Reisen, Bucher, Oger, and Professional Travel, the company has built an enviable reputation with its clients.

Golf Schule Köln Am Alten Fliess has since 2003 become a familiar name to golfers from Cologne and the Rhineland.
With their years of experience the GSK coaching team offer tuition on all aspects of the game.

PGA Germany member Golf Professional Team: 

  • Huseyin Cetin (Director of Golf Cologne)
  • Heinz-Peter Thuel (Teacher of the Year 2002)
  • Hasan Cetin (Master Golf Tours)
  • Ali Durmus

Norwegian Green Keepers Association (NGA) is a professional association for those working on golf courses or sports facilities with grass. NGA was founded in March 1988 and has for over 25 years helped to develop and disseminate knowledge about grass sporting facilities. The organization is a professional association which anyone can join, but most members work professionally on golf courses or in football stadiums. NGA publishes the magazine Grasses Forum and hosts an annual week long Grass Course. This course brings together about a hundred participants and offers seminars covering all topics relevant to the science of growing and maintaining grass. The course also offers the opportunity of networking and sharing experiences with others within the sports grass industry where extreme heat and cold can have a major effect on the results. During the season members meet locally to exchange experiences and learn about new developments from the corporate members of NGA.

Golfeen is a third generation travel portal that allows golf travellers to meet golf suppliers (vendors) on the same platform. Golfeen not only acts as a meeting place but, thanks to its sophisticated interactive technology, enables travellers to reserve any component directly with the suppliers. This is the latest trend on the internet, to provide technology platforms where consumers meet the suppliers, compare products and purchase directly from the supplier. 

PGA Poland, a Golf Instructor Association, is a members' organization for golf instructors, golf coaches and golf professionals. The PGA Poland 's mission is to promote golf, implementing the highest standards in education, raising the level of competitive and represent ethical values resulting from the tradition and history of golf. The main objective of PGA Poland is the broadly understood education of PGA members, organization of trainings and coaching sessions as well as international tournaments for members. The PGA mission is also to promote golf, in cooperation with the Polish Golf Union.

Mountain Bike Camp Turkey based in Germany offers mountain bike holidays and tours in and around the Antalya region. The company, founded by Danny and Ralf Krietzsch, both of whom have competed and managed at the highest levels of mountain biking, works in association with the leading bike supplier, Corratec and its Turkish distributor. This ensures all guests are provided with suitable and well maintained bikes for their trip. Guests are also welcome to bring their own.

Mountain Bike Camp Turkey is based at one of the local 5 star hotels, which is within easy reach of more than 25 routes. These take cyclists up into the mountains, around the lakes and alongside the rivers. During their holiday mountain bikers of all abilities have the opportunity of learning and mastering some of the techniques employed by professional mountain bikers, while enjoying the spectacular scenery.

One of the top hotels in Bulgaria with its own golf course designed by Major Winner, Ian Woosnam. The Lighthouse also has the distinction of being one of the first hotels and golf complexes in the world to have been invited to join European Tour Properties, a 'Network of World Class Golf Venues', which all have a close association with The European Tour.

Within a 10 minute drive from the hotel are two more signature golf courses, Black Sea Rama and Thracian Cliffs both of which are signature courses of the legendary golfer, Gary Player.