Belek Shopping Tour

Experience  the  shops  of  Belek  knowing  that  you  are  being 
properly  look ed  after .  You  will  only  be  taken  to  shops  which 
respect  the  customer,  and  charge  a  fair  price.  But  you  can  still 
have  a  little  haggle  in  some.

  • Golf Discount Store
  • Leather Bag & Shoe Shop
  • Textile shops
  • Watches & Jewellery

Antalya Shopping

Antalya has grown into a major shopping destination with many 
new  shopping  centers.  For  this  year's  latest  fashion  collection 
then  Terra  City  has  it  all,  including  many  overseas  high  street 
brands and collections. Alternatively try Deepo outlet center for 
the  chance  to grab a bargain. Quality leather  and jewellery are 
also  especially  popular.

  • Deepo Outlet Shopping Center
  • Terra City Shopping Center
  • Punto Leather
  • Perge Jewels