New country , new f oods and a new experience.

  • Anadolu Park, Antalya (Turkish Cuisine)
  • Arma Restaurant, Antalya (Fish Restaurant)
  • Belek Fish Restaurant (Fish Restaurant)
  • Beef Club - Titanic Deluxe, Belek (Steak House)
  • Boat A La Carte - Titanic Deluxe Belek (International Restaurant)

These are only a small selection  of the  possibilities for fine dining 
in  Antalya  and  have  been  selected  to  combine  a  beautiful 
setting  or atmosphere alongside  beautiful food.

As  well  as  offering  quality  fresh  food  which  is  only  cooked  to 
order,  the  menu in  each is  only a guide  to what is  possible and 
the  chefs  will happily prepare a  meal to suit  your taste.